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Big Data & Analytics

With great scale comes great data challenges. GLOBALISASIA offers big data and analytics solutions that can transform the way your business wrangles and consumes data to unleash incisive, actionable insights.

Logistics & Warehouse Management

Ingesting, organizing, transforming and creating value from petabytes of data in real time.
Demand Forecasting
Real-time forecasting has inherent inefficiencies resulting in decision delays.
Operational Inefficiencies
Freight costs, supplier risks and other KPIs cannot be handled by legacy systems.
Unscheduled downtime due to improper planning and prediction.
Lack of Digitization
Reduced visibility in tracking multiple indices resulting in SLA losses at scale.
Of third-party logistics companies believe that data analytics is critical to making intelligent decisions. However, complexities at scale need to be handled through sophisticated data wrangling and transformation models to extract your data's full potential without breaking your system.

GLOBALISASIA brings together powerful data frameworks, models and visualization solutions, delivering insights across business functions.

Intelligent Route Optimization
Predictive Demand and Capacity Planning
Predictive Network Management
Big Data & Analytics IN ACTION

MME to Market Leader
A Leading Logistics company, after analysing tracking data from thier vans have designed their vehicle routing software to eliminate as many left-hand turns as possible (in countries with right-hand traffic). Typically, only 10% of the turns are left turns. The efficiency of planning routes with its navigation software this way has even helped the firm cut the number of trucks it uses by 1,100, bringing down the company’s total distance travelled by 28.5m miles – despite the longer routes.

Gallons fuel saved
Tonnes less carbon dioxide
More packages every year
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