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Internet of Things

GLOBALISASIA blurs cyber-physical boundaries, driving greater connectivity, efficiency, and patient care through design, development, and execution of IoT systems across your organization. Hello, new world.


Seamless integration of digital systems with the real world, in real-time.
Silo-ed World
Increasingly complicated healthcare management systems have inherent silos
Delayed Action
Access to massive real-time datasets does not translate to emergency action capabilities
Immobile Workforce
Healthcare staff are unable to leverage the advances in mobile technology.
Digitization Overheads
Data ingestion TTPs from automated systems is outdated
Of healthcare organizations have already implemented IoT devices in their facilities for patient monitoring, care and advanced diagnostics capabilities coming in as the third most advanced implementation of IoT.

GLOBALISASIA brings together the IoT solution ecosystem to drive advanced cyber physical healthcare opportunities and advanced patient care access across your organization.

Remote patient monitoring
Ingestible sensors
Healthcare charting

A Fast Growing start-up launched in 2010 to help find a solution by leveraging the advances in sensor technology (and the reduced costs of producing said sensors) and mobile data monitoring to help people manage their asthma more effectively, in turn reducing the costs both for those suffering from asthma and for the U.S. healthcare system itself. The startup has designed snap-on, Bluetooth-enabled sensors that track how often people are using their inhalers (along with location and time-of-day), along with analytics and mobile apps for iOS and Android to help them visualize and understand their triggers and trends while receiving personalized feedback.In turn, the data collected by the solution enables doctors to identify patients who are risk or need more help controlling its symptoms. This allows them to potentially prevent attacks before they happen, saving them the cost of hospitalization or a trip to the emergency room.

potential reduction in number of people with uncontrolled asthma
improvement in medication adherence
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