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Big Data & Analytics

With great scale comes great data challenges. GLOBALISASIA offers big data and analytics solutions that can transform the way your business wrangles and consumes data to unleash incisive, actionable insights.


Ingesting, organizing, transforming and creating value from petabytes of data in real time.
Demand Forecasting
Real-time forecasting has inherent inefficiencies resulting in decision delays.
Operational Inefficiencies
Multiple KPIs across core operational functions at scale cannot be handled by legacy systems.
Lack of Doctors
The ratio of patients to doctors is increasing putting extreme pressure on caregivers.
Lack of Digitization
Reduced visibility in tracking multiple indices resulting in diagnostic efficiency losses at scale.
Of healthcare organizations believe that big data and predictive analytics will save in excess of 25% in annual costs over the next 5 years. 47% of healthcare organizations are already using big data and predictive analytics solutions.

GLOBALISASIA brings together powerful data frameworks, models and visualization solutions, delivering insights across patient care and operational functions.

Patients Predictions
Electronic Health Records
Real-Time Alerting
Informed Strategic Planning
Big Data & Analytics IN ACTION

A Major hospital provider in California,uses a big data and advanced analytics platform to predict potential sepsis cases at the earliest stages, when intervention is most helpful. Using the Sepsis Bio-Surveillance Program, the provider monitors 120,000 lives per month in 34 hospitals and manages 7,500 patients with potential sepsis per month. Collecting data from the electronic medical records of all patients in its facilities, the solution uses natural language processing and a rules engine to continually monitor factors that could indicate a sepsis infection. In high-probability cases, the system sends an alarm to the primary nurse or physician.

Drop in sepsis mortality rates
Of the lives lost to sepsis can potentially be saved further
B potentially saved on private insurance
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