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Artificial Intelligence

GLOBALISASIA enables your organization to leverage powerful deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to drive intelligent diagnostic, emergency response and primary-level prescriptive care capabilities for your patients, freeing up to 37% of your specialist's time.


Augmenting your organization with artificial intelligence- driving tangible patient care improvements.
Information Overload
Massive critical information access cannot be manually analysed in real-time.
Decision Fatigue
Repeatable, accurate decisions are untenable at scale.
Caregiver Shortage
The growing demand for skilled paramedical and assitive staff far outstrips availability.
Human Error
Critical bias and judgement lapses induce care related issues.
Is the estimated savings through ramped up efficiencies, staff-task automation, diagnostic assistance and administrative workflow automation by artificial intelligence early adopters over a 5 year period.

GLOBALISASIA is transforming the way healthcare organizations operate, making the right decisions accurately and delivering high quality patient care- all day.

AI-assisted Robotic Surgery
Virtual Nursing Assistants
Workflow & Administration
Image Analysis

A Major AI service provider is helping healthcare organizations apply cognitive technology to unlock vast amounts of health data and power diagnosis. Its AI can review and store far more medical information – every medical journal, symptom, and case study of treatment and response around the world – exponentially faster than any human. For Example, A Major Clinic started working with the AI provider for Clinical Trial Matching in 2014 and in its oncology practice in 2016. Over time, a team of experts determined optimal workflows and enhanced patient awareness about clinical trials. The system was implemented with a team of screening clinical research coordinators in the ambulatory practice for breast cancer in July 2016 . The AI program for Clinical Trial Matching has enabled the clinic to improve both enrollment metrics for breast cancer clinical trials as well as operational efficiency in its practice.

Increase in enrollment to Mayo’s systemic therapy clinical trials for breast cancer
Decrease in Time spent on screening a patient
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