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Big Data & Analytics

With great scale comes great data challenges. GLOBALISASIA offers big data and analytics solutions that can transform the way your business wrangles and consumes data to unleash incisive, actionable insights.

General Manufacturing

Ingesting, organizing, transforming and creating value from petabytes of data in real time.
Demand Forecasting
Real-time forecasting has inherent inefficiencies resulting in decision delays.
Operational Inefficiencies
Multiple KPIs across core operational functions at scale cannot be handled by legacy systems.
Unscheduled downtime due to improper planning and prediction.
Lack of Digitization
Reduced visibility in tracking multiple indices resulting in SLA losses at scale.
$5 Billion
Is the amount that leading automotive manufacturers will invest into big data and analytics solutions in 2021 marking the automotive sector as one of the largest investors in the technology.

GLOBALISASIA brings together powerful data frameworks, models and visualization solutions, delivering insights across business functions.

Big Data Optimised Manufacturing
Quality Assurance by data analysis
Feasible Product Customization
Big Data & Analytics IN ACTION

As early as 2014, A leading Manufacturer used big data to detect vulnerabilities in their new car prototypes. Data was collected from sensors on the tested prototypes and cars already in use. Due to big data analysis, the company’s solution ( integrated with their vehicle design and modelling software) spotted weaknesses and error patterns in the prototypes and in cars already in use. It enabled engineers to remove uncovered vulnerabilities before the prototypes actually went into production and helped reduce recalls of cars already in use. As a result, it can not only ensure higher quality at early stages, but also reduce warranty costs, boost brand reputation and potentially save lives.

less power consumption
less water consumption
less workrelated injuries
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