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Additive Manufacturing

GLOBALISASIA works with some of the most advanced additive manufacturing tehnologies like concept lasers and EBM to help your enterprise accelerate prototyping and flexible manufacturing systems at scale.

General Manufacturing

Developing complex, lightweight and highly customised part production systems at scale.
High Cost to Proto
Current prototyping cycles are expensive & process intensive.
(In)Flexible Manufacturing
FMS continue to be unable to meet demands by growth
Part Performance
Part performance optimization is not possible due to design-delivery constraints
Time to Innovate
Design to proto constraints severely delay innovation cycles
of leading global manufacturers believe that additive manufacturing will have a high to very high impact on manufacturing within 0-5 years. Experts etimate up to 50% material savings in overall production processes with maturity in additive manufacturing technology and adoption.

GLOBALISASIA integrates additive manufacturing processes and technology to transform manufacturing systems across the world.

Rapid Prototyping
High detail visual prototyping
Complex geometry manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing IN ACTION

A leading construction manufacturer's continued focus on additive manufacturing is to bring the technology from a prototype solution to a main manufacturing method and to use the technology to keep customers and factories running optimally. It opened an Additive Manufacturing Factory in USA. This state of the art factory represents adaptation to changing manufacturing environments. It is an additional tool that is intended to be used in conjunction with other manufacturing technologies to help utilize the right technology for the situation.

Faster design to production cycles
Reduction in cost of prototyping
Increased durability of complex parts
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