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GLOBALISASIA works with you to implement cutting edge cybersecurity solutions capable of comprehensive threat management in today's evolving, sophisticated threat landscape. Maintaining digital enterprise integrity is paramount. We ensure your safety - solutions to MDR.


Securing your organization against an ever-evolving threat landscape.
Lack of Information
Enterprises find it difficult to keep up with new players, campaigns and attacks developed every hour.
Lack of Resources
Over 65% of security alerts are not investigated or remediated
Constant Monitoring
Data breaches are increasingly difficult to detect and contain
Existing processes and capabilities cannot scale at the same pace as the threat landscape.
Of enterprises believe their preventive defenses are NOT highly effective. It is estimated that the average cost of a successful cyber attack and subsequent asset breach is currently at $4 Million.

GLOBALISASIA brings together leading solution providers, SOC capabilities and managed services to augment your cyber defense systems.

Automated Detection
Triage & Remediation
Brand & Infra Monitoring
Cybersecurity IN ACTION

The more aircraft are connected, the more vulnerable they are to cyber attacks. Today’s modern, e-enabled aircraft come with advanced ethernet and can-based network architectures which drive business but subject airlines and passengers to cyber risks. A leading Cyber security firms' solutions helps commercial aviation companies to prevent, understand and respond to cyber attacks on connected aircraft. Argus provides customers with a better understanding of their cyber threat landscape so that they can make more informed decisions. Their emergency response teams provide real time support to airframers and airlines for cyber security events that require immediate attention.

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